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At JP Construction Services, we’re your trusted roofing contractors dedicated to turning your roofing dreams into reality. With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, we bring expertise and innovation to every project we undertake in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our journey in the roofing industry has been marked by integrity, reliability, and a customer-first approach. From residential roof repairs to commercial installations, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we shape skylines and provide shelter, one reliable roof at a time.

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Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide top-quality roofing solutions that shield your property from the elements and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. We understand that a roof is more than just a structure – it’s a vital component of your property’s value and your family’s security. We aim to go above and beyond with each project, ensuring that our craftsmanship meets and exceeds your expectations.

Integrity is the backbone of our values. We believe in transparent communication, fair pricing, and delivering on our promises. When you choose JP Construction Services, you’re not just opting for a roofing contractor – you’re choosing a partner that genuinely cares about your needs and concerns. Our dedicated team is driven by a shared commitment to professionalism, reliability, and excellence in every project we tackle.


At JP Construction Services, your outreach extends beyond a mere interaction with a roofing company; it’s a connection with a dedicated team committed to understanding and addressing your unique needs. Emphasizing direct communication from the initial contact, we prioritize hearing and comprehending your concerns. What sets us apart at JP Construction Services is our commitment to excellence, evident not only in our premium brand choices but also in our meticulous planning using cutting-edge roofing software before embarking on any project.

Trust us for a roofing experience crafted specifically for your requirements, delivered with unwavering excellence. We are fully licensed and insured, and our positive reviews from satisfied customers underscore our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Recognizing the significance of reputation in choosing a roofing partner, at JP Construction Services, we consistently strive to surpass expectations, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.



At JP Construction Services, our commitment is clear: we excel in one area—residential re-roofing with composition shingles. This is not just a service we provide; it’s our specialized focus, and we do it better than anyone else.

When you choose JP Construction Services, you’re investing in a team with extensive knowledge of these products. We understand how to install them seamlessly and, more importantly, how to safeguard one of your most valuable assets—your home—throughout the entire roofing process.

What does this mean for you? It means you receive a level of consistency that can only come from years of expertise, training, and mastery of a specific product—specifically, asphalt composition shingles—within the residential roofing industry. Count on JP Construction Services for unparalleled quality and precision in every aspect of your roofing needs.

You Can Trust JP Construction Services For Any Roofing Services

We provide an extensive array of residential and commercial services throughout Harrisburg PA, Colonial Park, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Middletown, and Duncannon. Discover how we can assist you by calling 717-364-6407

Why Choose JP Construction Services

With years of experience, our skilled professionals are well-versed in the art and science of roofing. We bring unmatched expertise to every project, from simple repairs to complex installations.

We are committed to using only the finest materials and employing the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our dedication to quality ensures that your roof looks stunning and stands the test of time and the elements.

We're not just a business but a part of your community. Our deep-rooted understanding of local weather patterns, architectural styles, and building codes ensures that our solutions are tailored to your region's needs.

We understand that every roof is unique, and so are your requirements. Our team works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your budget, preferences, and timeline.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We only consider a job done once you're thrilled with the results. Our customer-focused approach has earned us a loyal clientele and numerous referrals.

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Jordan Pilsitz

At JP Construction Services, Jordan's passion for roofing excellence is the cornerstone of our identity. With over 14 years of practical roofing expertise, Jordan's entrepreneurial spirit sparked his commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and service to customers. Rooted in integrity and straightforwardness, his vision for the business centers around providing you with the finest products and services.

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Ready to take the first step towards a sturdy and reliable roof? Look no further than JP Construction Services, your trusted roofing contractor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With our commitment to excellence and top-quality craftsmanship, we’re here to provide roofing solutions that stand the test of time.

At JP Construction Services, we understand the importance of a solid roof over your head. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring your roofing needs are met with precision and care. Contact us today at 717-364-6407, and let’s build a solid roof to protect what matters most to you. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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